Sled dogs are my very favourite topic. The reason is simple: We have a bunch of them and watching them grow, interact and run in a team is like watching an on-going soap opera on TV. All I really need to do is write the stories down. And that's how I started - writing and drawing cartoons about my daily life.

Sled Dog Diaries Cover
(okay, the book doesn't really exist, but I still had fun making up a cover)
This is the cabin where I drew the first 60 pages of my cartoon

I had just moved to Canada and strange noises scared me for a long time.

Those two pups lived in our tiny cabin over their first winter,
but there are not the only ones who snug their way into our house and beds....

I thought I finally managed 'left and right'.
And then came 'gee and haw' and everything was messed up again.

Eventually my cartoon drawings turned into watercolour paintings and my stories became more fictionalized. Sipijuq's Shadows (an unpublished picture book project) was inspired by my experiences of running dogs along the coast of Hudson Bay and meeting some of the finest Inuit mushers.

The illustrations below are from my picture book When the Trees Crackle with Cold: A Cree Calendar and are inspired by my friend Bernice's stories of growing up in a small northern community. The book is available through or directly through me.

Please contact me if you are interested in buying reproductions or original illustrations.